It comes with a Dual Intel Atom N270 @ 1.6Ghz and 1GB of RAM (which would be sufficient) but the hardware itself is very very slow… i suspect it’s the CPU but could also be the harddisk.

it is even slow under Windows XP

with Debian based ideal linux it is at least able to run the latest firefox on this system.

while ideal linux runs flawlessly on this hardware that sets new lower standards when it comes to speed.

Atleast ideal linux allowing to run up-to-date software such as Firefox and Thunderbird and LibreOffice… even when it takes like half a hour to load LibreOffice 6.0 write.

… but it runs!

It was laying around so i thought i give it a test run,

it is really the slowest hardware i have ever seen.

the webcam also sucks.

if you want a proper laptop with powerful hardware, get a lenovo t440 with ssd, though you might not like the touch pad of it, at least it can do two finger scroll 😉 as a Mac.

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