o reinstall with Debian 10 (currently stick is based Debian 8 which is perfect for older hardware, older kernel 3.X uses less resources = ideal for older hardware)

DATE: 2019-06-16 TIME: 01:00:26

ok update debian (this broke virtualbox kernel module πŸ™ (as any kernel change does)
… trying to fix this. πŸ™‚ yeah
apt install linux-headers-686-pae linux-headers-3.16.0-9-686-pae
# and
worked! πŸ™‚

ok update tor-browser bundle
ok update firefox
ok update thunderbird

ok file extension association word.doc word.docx and excel.xls and excel.xlsx are now fixed
ok new games tetris1 tetris2 and snake
… needed to build a fake usleep for tetris2 to work.


what i need to do before the next release:

o update routine: update debian, firefox, thunderbird

o install more ralink wifi drivers via: apt-get install firmware-ralink

ok 5x Linux Sticks dabei haben

o 3x fertig bespielte ssd festplatten dabei haben

o optimize stick

some day:

oo reinstall mit debian 9.5? (irgendwann)

# oo es sind noch reste des alten office 4.0 auf dem stick! (c.a. 300MByte Platzbedarf) weg damit

dpkg -l|grep office
apt-get –purge remove libreoffice-base-core
apt-get –purge remove libreoffice-common
apt-get –purge remove libreoffice-style-galaxy

oo word.doc/word.docx/excel.xls extensions shall directly be associated and opened with libreoffice 6.0 writer

# install more usefull tools

apt-get update; apt-get install cifs-utils; apt-get install pv;

ok web, mail, cd brennen, word-brief, drucker einrichten fertig.

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o rework the fan T-Shirt

o create a Debian Live CD out of the setup MATE https://l3net.wordpress.com/2013/09/21/how-to-build-a-debian-livecd/